The Rainbow at the Bus Stop

I thought it was spam, and then a scam… A Nigerian prince offering riches beyond my wildest dreams. For a price.  The e-mail read: “Dear shopper:  You have received this notification from Prairie Moon Nursery because you received a gift certificate from Admirer for $400.00. Message: ‘A blog admirer is sending you a gift certificate to thank you!’”

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The Organic Purity Test

Brace yourself, gentle reader.  The time for confession is at hand.  I am coming out of the organic garden closet.

I have used Round-Up.

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Cultivating The Artful Dodger

The March garden dozes.  The April garden yawns.  The May garden kicks up its heels, shakes its tail like a new lamb.

The June garden is an ostrich in full flight.

Every year, without fail, no matter how carefully I plan, no matter the fervor with which I give myself that stiff January talking-to about running a more tightly disciplined ship, the June garden leaves my sorry self supine in the soil, ears ringing like I’ve been clocked by a cast iron skillet.  By the second week in June, I am woozily beginning to wonder, “wha’happened?”

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5-7 Garden Progress Report: Prairie Problems

This is my restored tall grass prairie.  I have avoided talking about it, or even thinking about it, all spring.  Yesterday and today, however, I put on my Big Gurl Panties and faced it down.  I will have to face it down again tomorrow.  And the day after.  I worry, in fact, that the coming summer will be one losing battle after another in a war with non-native and overly-aggressive native plant species that have taken hold in the garden in the last four years.

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