Fertilizer Friday @ Sho’ Nuff’s

Hallo Everybody:

It is once again that time of the week to check out garden photos from all over the world with… TOOTSIE TIME!!!


Transplant Your Peonies


With a few important exceptions, you can plant and transplant most any plant whenever  you feel like it, year round … as long as …you are willing to go the extra mile to care for the plant through tough weather conditions, whether winter desiccation or extreme summer temperatures.

Peony is one plant that really doesn’t care when it is trans/planted; and although I really prefer to move plants in the autumn, just before or immediately after dormancy, I usually can’t get around to it because fall is exactly the time of year when my work schedule ramps up and becomes impossible.  That is why I spent this morning transplanting peonies and why  this is the perfect time to to show-n-tell our little community how I like to do it.

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