The Shade Meadow: Year-One

In the garden, as in life, endings and beginnings are easily confused, one for the other.

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The Rainbow at the Bus Stop

I thought it was spam, and then a scam… A Nigerian prince offering riches beyond my wildest dreams. For a price.  The e-mail read: “Dear shopper:  You have received this notification from Prairie Moon Nursery because you received a gift certificate from Admirer for $400.00. Message: ‘A blog admirer is sending you a gift certificate to thank you!’”

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The Season for Arboricide

A tree properly topped in autumn...

A tree properly topped in autumn…

Right around this time of year, landscaping and yard service companies start cruising my neighborhood.  They come in search of easy prey: nice middle-class homeowners eager to keep a tidy yard, and concerned about the danger large trees supposedly pose to telephone and electrical wires, the roof, or the neighbor’s five-figure fully winterized RV.  They’ll  leave flyers in your mailbox or dangling on the doorknob.  In my case,  they come on up to the stoop and  ring the doorbell, having greedily eyeballed the monstrous pin-oak that towers over my house, the phone lines, and the neighbors’ houses on two sides.

“If we top your tree before leaf-fall,” encouraged one sly salesman, smiling his honey-sweet money-shredder smile: “you won’t have any raking to do.  We’re insured.”

Get thee behind me Satan, indeed.

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Catastrophe: a September Garden Progress Report

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long, hard day’s work to find a tag on your doorknob from the water department telling you that the water main has ruptured… on *your* side of the meter.

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Cultivating The Artful Dodger

The March garden dozes.  The April garden yawns.  The May garden kicks up its heels, shakes its tail like a new lamb.

The June garden is an ostrich in full flight.

Every year, without fail, no matter how carefully I plan, no matter the fervor with which I give myself that stiff January talking-to about running a more tightly disciplined ship, the June garden leaves my sorry self supine in the soil, ears ringing like I’ve been clocked by a cast iron skillet.  By the second week in June, I am woozily beginning to wonder, “wha’happened?”

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5-10 Phertilizer Phriday Photo Journal

It is once again Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time, where gardeners from all over the world get to flaunt a week’s worth of garden progress.  Clikkity Clikkity on the link, folks, for a look-see at some of the most beautiful gardens around the world!  Mine included!