Nature is Right Where You’re Standing

It isn’t out there

a pristine place

where good visitors

take nothing for themselves(but photos)

leave nothing of themselves(but footprints)


Nature has no truck with guests.

Ecology is no spectator sport.


Nature is the air in our nostrils

the pavement beneath our boots.

It’s the ugly bit of

cigarette-butt littered ground

we ignore.

You know the spot,

don’t you?

By the front stoop?


Nature works a wonder

in a window box of marigolds.

What will we make with nature?

What will it make with us?

What will we make with one another?


Christienne L. Hinz, 2013


6 thoughts on “Nature is Right Where You’re Standing

  1. Love this!! So glad I found this blog! :o) I made a garden with my bit o’nature.

  2. Sho'Nuff says:

    Nice to meetcha, back atcha! I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to getting many ideas from you. I am working on a woodland restoration area in my teeny lot, and dry shade is something I’m always thinking about.

  3. Brilliant 🙂 Nice blog congrats, I will definitely be stopping by again.

  4. wiete says:

    Interesting to read … could you write a book ? ☺ I would buy it 😉 From time to time I’ll come back and see what happens in your garden.

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